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Welcome to the future of your tech career!

Invest in your future by enrolling in the Cyber Instincts Talent Program!

Having excellent educational qualifications is good but you know what is even better - having the skills and competencies needed in the industry! There is an acute shortage of people with skills and competencies in the tech industry and employers are increasingly finding it difficult to fill positions. ​ At Cyber Instincts AB, our mission is to rethink and reinvent methods or ways to help students and professionals land their dream job by offering hands-on skills development and work placement opportunities. 

We achieve this mission through our signature Talent Program which provides hands-on skills development training and work placement program designed to empower people with skills that are highly sought after by employers. It is a program targeted to students with or without work experience and working professionals looking to upskill or reskill.

Our training program involves training in niche areas such as :

Artificial Inteligence

Skills-based Training

Our talent program begins with skills-based training course in:

  • Automotive Product Cybersecurity 

  • Functional Safety 

  • Artificial Inteligence



Career Guidance & Mentorship Opportunities

Our talent program shall provide opportunities for: 


  • career advice from industry experts  

  • professional CV/resume writing help

  • career portfolio development

Work Placement Opportunities

We work closely with different companies and partners in the industry, so our talent program can offer:

  • work placements on assignments and projects with renowned companies. 

  • internships and student industrial work experience.  


Start date: Autumn 2023 


The automotive industry is undergoing a major transformation and acceleration towards self-driving/autonomous vehicles. This technology promises a safer, efficient, and more sustainable/eco-friendly means of transportation. However, the promising benefits comes risks and challenges. One major challenge involves ensuring that autonomous vehicles are safe and secure. 

Vehicles used to be closed mechanical systems with little or no connectivity to the outside world. Today, modern cars are controlled by small computers running software and connectivity services powered by the Internet. With the advancements of self-driving technology, the control of a vehicle is transferred from a driver to a computer software. These developments have also attracted the attention of hackers. The number of cybersecurity attacks on connected vehicles has grown exponentially in the last decade. 

Automotive cybersecurity involves the necessary activities required to ensure the protection of vehicle assets and their related systems from cyber threats that may lead to damage, loss or undesirable consequences to stakeholders (road users, organisations, etc). 

Our Automotive Product Cybersecurity course shall provide you with solid knowledge, skills and competencies required in the industry. The course is taught by instructors with extensive experience in automotive product cybersecurity. 


Vehicle autonomy involves handing over control of the vehicle to the computing devices and software running in the vehicle hence ensuring the safety of this technology is paramount. Without ensuring safety, the adoption of this technology would fail spectacularly. Errors in vehicle components and systems can lead to defects which result in failures or malfunctions. Failures and malfunctions may result in hazardous events causing damage, harm or injury to people. 

Functional safety addresses possible hazards caused by malfunctioning behaviour of safety-related Electrical/Electronic systems, including the interaction of these systems. 

Our functional safety course shall equip you with solid knowledge of functional safety. The course will equip you with the technical know-how and hands-on skills required to develop competencies in functional safety. 

Do you know there is an acute shortage of people with knowledge, skills, and competencies in Functional Safety?

Funtional Safety

Artificial intelligence is probably the most trending topic in tech right now. Have you seen how ChatGPT and other AI applications recently took the world by storm? The future is now and is right at our fingertips. Do you want to be a pioneer of this exciting tech with abundant opportunities? 

 Our AI course can help you achieve that goal. Register your interest to receive the latest updates about the course as it becomes available.

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